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Aerial Repairs

Aerial Repairs

Aerial Repairs in Greater Manchester

Receiving poor TV reception in Greater Manchester and bad picture quality can be a very frustrating experience. Not being able to watch your favourite TV programmes is extremely annoying so if you are experiencing problems with your aerial, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Whether you’ve lost your TV reception completely, experiencing a grainy picture, freezing channels or a blocked signal then we will send one of our engineers to investigate (Within Greater Manchester).


We will attend your property, complete a full diagnosis of your digital aerial system and provide you with a solution. One of the first things we will check is the alignment of your aerial to ensure that it is best placed to receive a strongest signal in the Greater Manchester area. We will also test all the cable connections and examine your aerial closely to see if any parts have been damaged. Our engineers always carry a wide variety of spare parts with them and they can often replace or repair the aerial immediately, depending on the specific problem.


Sometimes only a new aerial will suffice but we will explore all other eventualities first. If a brand new aerial is required, then we can fit one for you at cost effective rates so that you can enjoy high quality TV reception again.

Aerial Repairs


From Freeview and Freesat to Sky and Multiroom, we carry a vast range of indoor and outdoor aerials and we are able to carry out any repair or replacement work quickly and efficiently.

Our Greater Manchester engineers carry an extensive arrange of equipment and spares in their vehicles to help you get your aerial or satellite system up and running again. The diagnosis process that we carry out is very comprehensive and includes:

  1.  TV Aerial/Satellite dish alignment & positioning to optimise for the Greater Manchester area
  2. Evaluation of all external and internal cabling to identify any loss of signal
  3. Checking of all aerial and satellite points to ensure integrity
  4. Checking of home distribution network and amplifiers
  5. Ensuring that all tuning/connections such as Sky, Freeview etc are correct
  6. Our engineers will leave no stone unturned when it comes to the investigation of your Greater

Manchester aerial problem and we will only install a new aerial if it is absolutely necessary.

Aerial Repairs
Aerial Repairs
Aerial Repairs
Aerial Repairs
Call Today for Your Free No-Obligation Quotation –  0161 790 3774 We can provide you with a no fuss clean and tidy installation at your home or business with same or next day service.