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Freesat and Freeview

Freesat and Freeview

What is Freesat?

FREESAT is fast becoming the TV supplier of choice, partly due to its ever growing number of channels, & also because it’s free. If you need a Freesat installation, or you require further info on Freesat and whether you can get it in your area, then give us a call and we will discuss all your options.


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What about Freesat HD?


Enjoy over 200 channels including 11 in HD, plus the nation’s top two On Demand services – BBC iPlayer and ITV Player*. AND with Freesat+ HD you can do things that would make a superhero marvel. You can pause live TV, record and rewind your favourite shows, create your own box sets and record every episode in a series at the touch of a button. And the really super news? No monthly subscription, ever.


* ITV Player is available in England, Wales and The Channel Islands.


What Freesat Channels are there?


Stuff to watch. Shows. Programmes. Channels. Call it what you will, we love it. We’re more than just a satellite service beaming data into people’s homes.


We’re passionate about great quality free entertainment.

Freesat and Freeview

How do I Get Freesat?

Getting Freesat is easy. Choose from a Freesat box or a TV with Freesat built-in. If you’d like to roll back the TV Guide through the past seven days of TV and watch On Demand, choose a box with Freetime – the smart TV Guide from Freesat.


You will need a satellite dish installed & a Freesat receiver to watch Freesat. At ASAP Aerials our installation services include Freesat Dish Installation, and we also as part of our Freesat Installation set up your system for you so that you can sit back and enjoy satellite TV cost free. When installing a Dish we will always attempt to install it in a discreet location, and when we run the cable, we always look for the least visible route. We do this because having cables running all over your property tends to look untidy.


If you already have a Dish and cable running into your property, then so long as they’re working you’ll only need to buy a Freesat box, plug it in and go. However, if you are wanting to use a receiver that records and can pause live TV (Freesat Freetime), then you’ll need twin cable running in. At ASAP Aerials, we can run twin cable from an existing dish into your property. So, typically, what will it cost for a Freesat Installation? We’ll we can only give an approximate answer to this as it does depend on whether it is single or twin cable being used (as twin cable will cost more), plus how much cable is being used to run from the satellite dish to the receiver, but on average the Freesat Installation Cost is approx £120 – £150. This doesn’t include the set top box cost.

Freesat and Freeview
Freesat and Freeview
Freesat and Freeview
Freesat and Freeview
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